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Auto Prices



Whether you are used car shopping or just want to know what your auto is worth, as a member of District 08 FCU you have access to Black BookTM price auto prices!

Black BookTM auto prices are the "insider" valuations available to dealers and major lenders. Black BookTM auto prices are calculated based on actual wholesale auctions and are updated weekly. Black BookTM is the only vehicle valuation provider to use both hands-on vehicle inspection and sales data from all the major auctions. While much of the public is familiar with Kelley Blue BookTM values, dealers and auto finance companies often use Black BookTM due to its superior accuracy, and its focus on estimating prices based on current wholesale auctions. District 08 FCU has licensed access to Black BookTM data and is making it available as a service to our members. Now you can see and negotiate based on the same valuation numbers that the big dealers see.

Black BookTM valuations are proprietary information, so please do not share or use them other than in connection with researching a vehicle for financing through District 08 FCU.



Access Black BookTM Auto Prices



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